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Membership in FINTICAt

FINTICAt welcomes new members all the time.

Basic membership fee is EUR 27

Basic membership is suitable for persons who wish to participate in FINTICAt Cat Club's activities such as shows. The club needs all the voluntary help it can get, so if you are in for it please contact the club. For example when organizing shows every little piece of help is welcome! It is also a good way to get to know other members of the club.

To become a basic member you need to be at least 18 years old. Basic members can vote in the club's meetings. Basic members receive a discount on the club's show fees, a member letter and information on the website and on Facebook. A basic member can be an elected official or an ordinary official at the club.

Other membership types

  • Sponsor members: EUR 52
  • Family members: EUR 12
  • Kitten member paid by the breeder: EUR 12

Please ask the secretary of the club ( ) if you are interested in other membership types.

The board of FINTICAt Cat Club approves all members.

Membership year is same as TICA's year 1/5–30/4.

How to apply

  • Fill membership application here
  • The club will confirm the membership as soon as possible and sends you an invoice.


FINTICAt Cat Club's rules can be read here (in Finnish).

Member details are not given to the third parties.